Sunday Corporate Worship

Sunday worship is when we gather together to say "Isn't Christ great?"  

Join us this Sunday at 11AM at the Unity Chapel. The church campus has three main buildings which can be confusing for new visitors. Please see the campus map below to see where we meet for worship.

Need a ride?  We have friendly volunteers available to carpool or bring a church van depending on the size of the group.  Request a ride below. 

Childcare is also available for children of all ages.  

*Please note: Home-cooked Korean food provided every Sunday after service!

Ride Request

Pickup is usually around 10:30am.  Worship starts at 11am.  We then welcome you to join us for lunch.  Drivers leave church around 1pm.

*Please note: if you are a returning guest, only fill out your name, how many in your group.

Name *
Are you satisfied? If not, how can we improve? Are you satisfied with what time you're returning to school?



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