Vision Pathway (Discovering GOD's vision for OUR church)

What is vision? It is our preferred future, our golden tomorrow.

What is vision? It is our preferred future, our golden tomorrow.

Starting this month, the leaders and I have started a 6 month process to discover God’s vision for our church. We first want to know what does God want in his church. Then we want to ask what makes us unique as the Unity family. We want to dream together God-sized dreams of what could be in our church, in our families, and in our own lives.

Our process will consist of 2 monthly meetings: House of Prayer & Joint Leaders meetings.

  1. House of Prayer - This will be on the 2nd Tuesday night of every month at 7pm Unity Chapel. This will be where we ask the question “What does GOD want in his church?” We believe the book of Acts is the gold standard for the church. Thus during the house of prayer we are reading thru the book of Acts and praying

  2. Joint Leaders Meetings - This is a meeting for only the Shepherds, Co-Shepherds and SCW Team Leaders. We will meet on the last Sunday evening of every month. During this time we will follow the process called “Vision Pathway” developed by Will Mancini. Thank you Lifeway Leadership for providing access to such awesome training!

Why do we need a clear vision? A vision is a preferred future, a golden tomorrow. If we don’t set a clear vision, then an undesired vision will be set for us. We will end up where we did not intend to go. Our future will be determined for us, and it will probably be less than what we had hoped.

Please join us for the next House of Prayer on Feb 12 and also pray for us in general over these next few months.