House Church

All people need spiritual community.  Every week our church gathers into people's homes to share food, share their lives, laugh, cry, and love on each other.  It is a place where together we can walk this journey called life.  If you are looking to get plugged into our church this is the best place to get started.  


Please contact one of our shepherds if you'd like to visit!


Young Adult & College House Church ||  Pastor Dan:                     When: Saturdays at 6pm

Pakistan House Church || Young Chang:           
When: Fridays at 7pm

Yanji House Church || Philip Park:                
When: Fridays at 7pm

Young Adult & College House Church || Sam Ahn:
When: Fridays at 7pm

Youth Fellowship Night || Amy Moran:                             
When: Fridays at 7pm

Youth House Church || Amy Moran:
When: Sundays at 1pm


*Newcomers are welcome to visit each of the Young Adult & College house churches before making a decision but after that we ask you to commit to one of them.